(Muki) jQuery DateTimePicker

jQuery 漂亮的月曆 & 時間選擇樣式,作者還有製作 CKEditor 的 plugins,有使用這款編輯器的朋友可以考慮使用它的外掛擴充功能。


When you pair GreenSock's Draggable with ThrowPropsPlugin, you get the ultimate tag-team for making a DOM element draggable, spinnable, tossable, and even flick-scrollable! You can impose bounds, have things glide to a stop in a silky-smooth way, and do it all with as little as one line of code. No kidding. Works great on touch devices too. Below you'll find 3 examples of what Draggable can do when it's got some ThrowPropsPlugin love under the hood. Check out the code samples too (they auto-update as you change options).