Magnific Popup


Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device
(for jQuery or Zepto.js).

(飛肯) 免費日本圖庫 FIND47

 由日本經濟產業省所提供的免費圖庫 : 「 FIND/47 」,這個網站的主要目的其實是為了推廣日本47個都道府縣的觀光,收集了各地特色高清照片,


(黑暗執行序) 以jQuery實現可編輯


介面如下圖所示,在<td>V11</td>上點兩下,V11就變成<input value=”V11”>,使用者可將<input>的值改成ZZZ,當按Enter或點其他<td>,該格內容就變成<td>ZZZ</td>。

這個需求要用jQuery實現並不難: 在<td>上掛dblclick事件,將<input type=”text”>放入td中,val()就設成td原本的text();另外設定<input>的keydown及所有<td>的click事件,執行td.text(input.val())取input值寫成td內容就大功告成囉!

Paragon NTFS for Mac

快速、無縫、易於使用。安裝、卸載、驗證、格式化或設置任何Windows NTFS卷作為啟動驅動。

jQuery-Validation-Engine 免JS的驗證方式

jQuery validation engine is a Javascript plugin aimed at the validation of form fields in the browser (IE 6-8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera 10). The plugin provides visually appealing prompts that grab user attention on the subject matter.

Validations range from email, phone, and URL, to more complex calls such as ajax processing or custom javascript functions. Bundled with many locales, the error prompts can be translated into the language of your choice.


JSON Editor takes a JSON Schema and uses it to generate an HTML form.
It has full support for JSON Schema version 3 and 4 and can integrate with several popular CSS frameworks (bootstrap, foundation, and jQueryUI).